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ISWP Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, comprised of a cross-section of worldwide wheelchair industry professionals, provides oversight during the two-year USAID grant period. The Advisory Board also will set ISWP’s long-term direction.


ISWP Working Groups

Working Groups (WG) have been established to help implement USAID grant objectives. WG meeting recaps are published on the site. Future site enhancements will include links to audio recordings of the meetings.

ISWP Working Group Descriptions (PDF)

ISWP Working Group Members List (PDF)

  • Membership and Coordination Working Group Meeting Recap


WHO Wheelchair Service Training


WHO Wheelchair Service Training – Basic Level (WSTP-B)

The World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has developed the Wheelchair Service Training Package - Basic level. The main purpose of the training package is to develop the minimum skills and knowledge required by personnel involved in wheelchair service delivery.


WHO Wheelchair Service Training – Intermediate Level (WSTP-I)

Following release of the Wheelchair Service Training Package – Basic level (WSTP-B), WHO, in partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developed the Wheelchair Service Training Package – Intermediate Level (WSTP-I). WSTP-I is focuses more on addressing needs of people who have severe difficulties in walking and moving around and also have poor postural control. WSTP-I is designed to support the training of personnel or volunteers to provide an appropriate manual wheelchair and cushion for children and adults who need additional postural support to sit upright.


Trainers’ Manual for Wheelchair Service Training – Basic Level

This training package relies on the availability of trainers who are skilled in basic wheelchair service delivery and can confidently demonstrate the competencies taught in this training program. Previous experience as a trainer will also be beneficial. 

ISWP Intermediate Test


ISWP Intermediate Test Domains and Sub-Domains

Over a dozen expert stakeholders reviewed domains and sub-domains for the Intermediate knowledge test. This collective document contains the 10 domains and 36 sub-domains that will be included on the intermediate knowledge test, in addition to the number of questions that have been allotted for each. 


Over a dozen expert stakeholders reviewed competencies for the Intermediate assessment (combination of knowledge & skills assessment). This collective document contains the 30 competencies that are matched to the domains. 

Meeting Report

Research and Information

Wheelchair Literature Search

Wheelchair Catalog

  • The wheelchair catalog is a list of wheelchairs that are available for use in less-resourced settings. The list contains pictures, descriptions, and contact information provided by the wheelchair producers and/or distributors themselves. The list is intended to assist governments, organizations, and individuals who are interested in acquiring wheelchairs designed and produced for use in less resourced settings worldwide. (ISWP is working on a searchable wheelchair catalog.) To add a product, or if you have questions/comments, please contact Anand Mhatre,; 412-624-1233.

USAID Funded Accelovate Design Challenge

  • The Accelovate Design Challenge: Innovative Postural Support Solutions for Wheelchair Users in Low-Resource Settings Report (PDF) 7.9mb


ISWP is involved in the worldwide wheelchair community through advocacy, outreach and education initiatives.

Press Releases and News Articles

The Hub Newsletter


The ISWP calendar shows WHO WSTP training courses around the world, ISWP Working Groups’ meetings/calls, and industry conferences. The calendar is updated regularly. To submit a calendar event, contact Kim Robinson, ISWP project assistant, at

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