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Assistive Technology Devices and Services

People who use a wheelchair often have needs for other kinds of assistive technology devices in addition to their manual and power wheelchair. Many of those kinds of devices as categorized as Assistive Devices or Adaptive Equipment for the Activities of Daily Living. On WheelchairNet an extensive listing of these kinds of devices can be found within Products and Services as ADL Products.

A related category of devices are referred to as Assistive Technology Devices. These devices use electronics or microprocessors and are able to accomplish more sophisticated daily living tasks. In some cases they compensate for an impairment such as loss of speech in other cases they modify how another kind of technology -- such as a personal computer -- is used. These products are also listed in Products and Services as Other Assistive Technology.

The following resources on this page are intended to help consumers, parents, therapists, teachers and others find the resources they might need. These resources can help with understanding the function of assistive technology devices and how they can contribute to increased choice and control of the activities of every day life.

Assistive Technology Evaluation or Information Resources:

The World Wide Web is a generous source of information for solving problems related to disability. In order for persons with disabilities to have full access to the WWW is important to understand and use the accessibility guidelines developed to help standardized access to WWW pages. The following resources will be helpful:

Web Accessibility

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