Products: Activities of Daily Living

The following links are to commercial product resources. Don't forget to use the non-commercial information resources in the Community Living Section of WheelchairNet to learn more about each of these topics.

These links are intended to assist the public in learning more about products that can be useful to persons who use wheelchairs or who interact with people who use wheelchairs. The information presented on this page is not intended as medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about what products are best for you in both the long and short term. The presence of a product on this page should not be considered a referral or endorsement.


Sitting: Pressure Management and Positioning


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Transfer Aids

Safety Products

  • AliMed - once on the website click on "search by product category" and choose "wheelchair safety."
  • AOK Global Products - rescue chair for transport of a disabled person down or up a flight of stairs.
  • Evac+Chair -for the emergency evacuation of the disabled via building fire stairs.
  • EvacuTrac - for emergency evacuation of persons with mobility challenges.
  • Extendahand - locking extension assistance grab bar.
  • Globaleather - attachable flashing lights, etc.
  • Invacare - safety flag for wheelchair users.
  • Lawrence-Nelson, LLC. - one-sided wheelchair locking system that secures both wheelchair wheels.
  • LiftVest - an aid in wheelchair transfers and walking stability.
  • Haseltine Flyers - protective travel cases for wheelchairs.
  • Mail Order Medical Supply, Inc. - click on "around the house."
  • Pakkie - mobility sling for rescue and evacuation by Judy Hoit.
  • Reflectively Yours - self-adhesive reflective wheelchair stripes.
  • Res-Q-Chair - allows emergency exit down stairs for a person who uses a wheelchair.
  • SeniorShops - sells a "cane butler" which is an inexpensive clip with a self-adhesive backing allows you to keep a cane or canes where you want them.
  • SAFER Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Lock, Inc. - prevent accidental roll-away of a wheelchair for someone physically or mentally unable to use the handbrakes.
  • SafetyVue - door viewer that allow wheelchair users to see out without having to reach up to a peephole.

Bowel and Bladder

Bath and Shower

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Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Wheelchair Scales

Wheelchair Canopy

Adapted Clothing

Dressing Aids

Wheelchair Gloves

Carrying, Attaching, Holding and Mounting

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Eating and Drinking

Insulin Injection

  • Maxi Aids - talking and large display blood glucose meters and adaptation for loading syringes.
  • Lighthouse - click on "products" for the catalog. See diabetic supplies.
  • LS & S Group, Inc. - talking and large display blood glucose meters and devices for loading and injecting syringes.

Cooking, Laundry and Home Maintenance

Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) or Environmental Control Units ( ECUs)

Work Surfaces



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Exercise Products

Automobile Driving Products

Recreation Products

Other Product Location Resources

Pre-owned Equipment/Recycled Equipment/Equipment Exchanges

  • ABLEDATA - Links to Sites with advertisements for used Assistive Technology Products.
  • Disabled Dealer - a national network of regional franchises in the United States that sell pre-owned as well as new equipment: homes, RV's, wheelchairs, scooters, vans, lifts and more.
  • Disable Hotline - on Delphi. Lots of 800 numbers to search on "disabled hotline".
  • The Disability Equipment Register - a resource in the UK for locating used equipment.
  • e-bay - go the online auction and search on "wheelchair." You will get everything from a "Barbie in a wheelchair" to a real wheelchair and accessories. It is definitely a "buyer-beware situation" but many used wheelchairs are advertised there.
  • Florida Assistive Technology Recycling/Matching Program
  • Mobility Auction - sell used medical equipments.
  • NEAT Marketplace - the New England Assistive Technology Marketplace has an equipment restoration center.
  • Recycled Equipment Exchange Project (REEP) - a project of the Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology.
  • Silver Cross - information on how to find recycled and new stair lifts, ceiling lifts, scooters etc.
  • Wheels for the World, a project of Joni and Friends, that refurbishes wheelchairs and ships them overseas with parts, technician, and seating therapist to ensure they fit.
  • Wheels for Humanity - an organization that collects used wheelchairs, restores and distributes them in partnership with other relief and development agencie in places where wheelchairs are unattainable luxuries.

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