Products: Seats, Cushions, Body Positioning and Controllers

The following links are to commercial product resources. Don't forget to use the non-commercial information resources in the Community Living Section and other parts of WheelchairNet to learn more about each of these topics.

Seats and Cushions for use in wheelchairs

  • Accessible Designs, Inc. - manufacturer of carbon fiber seating system.
  • Adaptive Equipment Systems - seating inserts for wheelchair bases.
  • Aquila Corporation - Airpulse wheelchair cushion.
  • Aspen Seating - unique wheelchair seating systems to solve complex seating problems.
  • BBD - Bye-Bye Decubiti cushion manufactured by Rand-Scott.
  • Comfort Company - seating and positioning equipment.
  • EASE Seating System - seating and air mattress system.
  • Ergo - Air therapy seating modality systems.
  • FLA Orthopedics - manufacturer of Postura wheelchair cushions.
  • Gelco Products - manufacturer and marketer of gel-based, ergonomic products.
  • Grover Gear - cushion covers, wheelchair hunting covers and custom work.
  • Innovative Concepts - a complete line of adaptive seating products.
  • IschDish - at Span-America
  • Jay Cushions - by Sunrise-Medical. Click or search on Jay.
  • LaBac - click on "products," then on "wheelchairs," then on "Labac." anti-shear power recline, manufactured by Everest & Jennings.
  • Matrix Seating System - component cushions from Motion Concepts
  • Otto Bock US - click on "seating systems."
  • PinDot Seating - manufactured by Invacare. Type in "PinDot."
  • Richardson Products Inc.- download their catalog and use the bookmarks to find products.
  • Ride Designs - distributes breathable, adjustable and lightweight custom-contoured cushion.
  • ROHO - air cushion, seat cushions, support surfaces, back supports and seating accessories.
  • Signature 2000 - custom contour rehab seating.
  • SITBACK - for distributors in the U.S.A click on "Bezugsquellen."
  • Southwest Seating & Rehab Ltd. - custom seating made from a sheet of interlocking ball and  socket connectors creating seating matrix seating for individuals with severe deformity.
  • STM Healthcare - pressure relieving foam cushions from the UK
  • Supracor - a flexible, honeycomb design used in Simulite pressure relieving products.
  • SpanAmerica - Geo-Matt, Geo-Matt Contour, and Gel-T cushions.
  • The Rehab Company - manufactures a comprehensive line of seating and positioning accessories.
  • UPlift Stump Rest - supports the residual limb of below-knee amputees.
  • Varilite - seating cushions and backs.
  • WAFFLE - Static air cushion reducing pressure and tissue shear. Cost effective,easy to use & clean.

Tilt in Space and Recline Add-Ons

Headrests, Trunk Supports, Arm and Leg Supports, etc.

Pressure Mapping Systems

  • Pressure Profile Systems Inc. - designs and manufactures distributed pressure imaging systems.
  • Tekscan - choose "Medical" to see pressure distribution measurement system
  • Vista Medical - choose "pressure mapping" to see the Force Sensing Array.
  • X Sensor - a clinical tool for measuring interface pressures.

Last Updated: 3-2-2006

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