Products: Wheelchairs, Scooters and Components

The following links are to commercial product resources. Where possible, we link to manufacturers websites rather than to companies that distribute their products. Don't forget to use the non-commercial information resources in the Community Living Section of WheelchairNet and in the fact sheets below to learn more about mobility products.

Adult Manual Wheelchairs

Adult Power Wheelchairs

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Children's Wheelchair, Buggies and Scooters


Power Add-ons for Manual Wheelchair

  • Alber - German manufacturer of the following products
    • e-fix - a power pack add on that converts a manual wheelchair to a joy-stick controlled power wheelchair.
    • e-motion - pushrim activated power-assist push rims that can be added to a manual chair.
    • viamobil - a power push and brake aid for attendant pushed wheelchairs
    • Frank Mobility - the Alber products importer for the USA
  • DAKA - Wheelchair Drive Unit (WDU) is an add-on electrical power unit to make wheelchairs easier for attendants to push..
  • Independence Technology
    • I-Glide - pushrim activated power-assist push rims available on manual wheelchair made by Johnson & Johnson
    • DeltaGlide - a variable ratio power assist pushrim that responds to changes in terrain and inclination.
  • Roll-Aid - a power add-on for a manual wheelchair that creates a tiller for steering.
  • Soleus Mobility - a power add-on that transforms a manual wheel chair into a power wheelchair with joystick.
  • Swiss-Trac - a wheelchair towing tractor that turns a wheelchair into an all-terrain wheelchair.
  • Xtender -a pushrim activated power-assist push rims developed by Yamaha that is now available on Sunrise Medical's Quickie 2 manual wheelchairs. Go to "Products" and search for "Quickie Xtender."

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Bariatric Mobility Products

Sports and Recreation Wheeled Mobility

  • Baby Jogger - special needs and adult configurations available up to a 150 lb limit
  • Colours in Motion - recreational wheelchair manufacturers.
  • EagleSportsChairs - racing, basketball and tennis wheelchairs.
  • Deming Designs - manufacturer of beach wheelchairs with balloon tires.
  • HotShotProducts - recreational products for beach sand, snow, gravel or mud: a power beach chair, also kits for converting regular wheelchair or a stroller bases.
  • Jason Marine Wheelchair
  • KiliKart - a stable 5-wheeled wheelchair for rugged out-door adventuring with push and tow bars to allow all-terrain use.
  • Landeeze All-terrain Wheelchair
  • Mangle Brothers Trike - buy the plan to build your own LP gas-powered "wheelchair friendly" trike.
  • Mogo - sports chairs.
  • New Hall's Wheels - racing and sports wheelchairs.
  • Roll-ability - 21 speed, clip on, handcycle attachment for manual wheelchairs
  • Rural Pursuit Vehicle - 4wd, all terrain wheel - allow the operator to stay in their own wheelchair by easily rolling onto the vehicle platform.
  • SoloRider Industries, Inc.- the ATeeA is an accessible golf cart for one person.
  • SnowPod - hand-cranked snowmobile.
  • Tiralo - floating beach chair on wheels.
  • TiSport - custom-made titanium sports chairs.
  • Trac About, Inc. - an individual recreational vehicle, called the IRV 2000, designed with tracks, not wheels, gives the freedom to go places that wheelchairs and scooters cannot go.
  • Venture Products, Inc. - Ventrac (Model 300) - allows the wheelchair user to easily roll onto the operating platform.
  • Vestil - products for beach sand, snow, wood, and rough/uneven terrain.
  • See WheelchairNet links for other Adaptive Recreation Products.

Special Purpose Wheeled Mobility

  • AOK Global Products -a rescue chair for transport of a disabled person down or up a flight of stairs.
  • Alber - German manufacturer of the Scalamobile - a power stairclimbing climbing attachment that fits most wheelchair.
  • Altimate Medical - standing frames with wheels for people with disabilities.
  • Broda - chairs with wheels designed for long-term care settings.
  • Convaid - lightweight folding stroller-type wheelchairs.
  • Columbia Aviation Products - airline boarding chairs for commercial planes and small jets.
  • Evac+Chair - for the emergency evacuation of the disabled via building fire stair.
  • EvacuTrac - for emergency evacuation of persons with mobility challenges.
  • EZ Chair - a foot pedal driven lightweight, folding wheelchair, steers with a single tiller on right or left hand.
  • Falcon Rehabilitation Products - the "HighRider," a standing power wheelchair.
  • Gelârt International Limited - designers of a combination seating/standing system on wheels for children with special needs.
  • Giraldin - an Italian company offering wheelchairs with sanitary basins.
  • GOVAN+ - an upholstered wheelchair designed and crash tested for use as a passenger seat in a minivan. The user, sitting in the chair, can be rolled up a portable ramps and locked into a docking plate mounted to the floor in place of any passenger seat.
  • Levo - manual and power standing wheelchairs from Switzerland. Check the site for international distributors.
  • Mulholland - mobility standers for children.
  • Palmer Industries - neighborhood transportation products.
  • PDG - Product Design Group - special application wheelchairs for individuals with need for manual tilt-in-space , with high agitation (such as in Huntington's Disease), or Bariatric needs.
  • Pogon adult and child transporter - Kurt-Theradyne
  • Rifton Equipment - click on mobility products for rolling standers and tricycles
  • Staxi Transport Chair Systems - nestable transport chair system designed by a hospital for use in industrial, commercial and institutional settings.
  • Turtle Trainer - a motorized platform for allowing manual wheelchair users to try out power mobility.
  • Vivax Mobility System - a product that allows automated transfer of a person from bed to a specially designed wheelchair.

Wheelchair Attachments and Accessories

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Power Wheelchair Controllers

Wheelchair Components

Code of Ethics and Credentials for Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers

Wheelchair Distributors and Sellers

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