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Site Map for WheelchairNet

WheelchairNet is divided into 5 sections. Each section is listed below and under it are the links within that section. Click on any link below to go directly to that page. Use your browser's "Find" command to quickly find a word in your topic , (e.g., education or travel). Remember, you can also look for specific content by using the web site's search page.

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Town Hall and Information Center

What is WheelchairNet?
Frequently Asked Questions about WheelchairNet
On-Line Press Kit
Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelchairs and the People who use them
Wheelchair Etiquette
People first language
Help for using the WWW
Tips to make it easier to use WheelchairNet
How we chose the web sites we link to
Using Information from the WheelchairNet website
Town Planning and Development
WheelchairNet's Development Plan
How to become a resident of WheelchairNet

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Community Living - Links to information resources

Advocacy and Empowerment
Disability Specific Organizations
Voting in Elections
Consumers Report on Mobility Products
Consumer Information and Protection
Product comparisons
Product Improvements
Standards: What do they mean to the purchaser?
Scooters versus Wheelchairs
Lightweight versus Standard Wheelchairs
Indoor power mobility
Lemon Laws" and Wheelchair Warranties
Links to Mobility Products
Education and Learning
Public Laws and Education
Educational Advocacy
Assistive Technology to Support Education
Learning on the World Wide Web
Vocational Education
Higher Education
Health and Safety
How to Spot Misleading Health Claims for Products and Services
Sources of Health Information on the Internet
Nutrition: Eating for Health
Pressure Ulcers
Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Wheelchair Accidents: Tipping and Falls
Motor Vehicles Accidents
Wheelchair-friendly Health Care
Health Issues for Women with Disabilities
Heart Disease
Diagnosis Related Information
Exercise, Flexibility and Aerobic Exercise
Weight management
Statistics about Disability
Home Modifications
Design Resources
Funding and Low Income Resources
Doors and Ramps
Decks and Gardens
Articles on Home Modification
Home Modification Products
Kids who Use Wheelchairs
Just for Fun
Stuff to do...
Fun wheels
Other Assistive Technology (not wheelchairs!)
Assistive Technology Evaluation or Information Resources
Finding an Assistive Technology Professional
World Wide Web Accessibility
Older Adults
Administration on Aging Resource Directory for Older People
First Time Wheelchair Users
Maintaining Positive Thinking
Health-Related Resources
Aging Wheelchair Users
Parenting and Using a Wheelchair
Adaptive Parenting Resources
Parenting and Child Development Resources
Women with Disabilities
Other Useful Things for Parents
Parents of Kids who use Wheelchairs
Mobility Equipment for Kids
Transporting Children who use Wheelchairs
Mobility Equipment Decision-making
Resources for Parenting a Child with a Delay or a Disability
Playground and Activity-related Resources
Parenting and Child Development Resources
Integrating a Positive Self Concept
Personal Hygiene
Personal Care Attendants
Sports and Recreation
Personal Fitness
Adapted Physical Activity
Creative and Expressive Activities
Sports Organizations
Team and Solo Sports
Outdoor Recreation
Extreme Sports
Articles on Recreation
Service Dogs
Service Dog Organizations
General Information
Dog Gear
Accessible Transportation Resources
Adaptive Driving
Van Conversions, Adaptive Driving Equipment, Lifts and Other Products
Automobile Safety
Transportation Safety while Seated in a Wheelchair
Public Transportation and the ADA
Buses, Light Rail and Trains
Transportation Research Board
Wheelchair Standards Homepage
Traveling Resources
Articles on Travel
Train Trips
Campers and RVs
Rental Accessible Vans
Accessible Vacation Rental
Wheelchairs Around the World
Work and Wheelchairs
The Americans with Disabilities Act
Other Laws and Government Programs
Policy and Research
Resources for Workers with Disabilities
Assistive Technology for Work
Beginning to Work
Returning to Work
Resources for Employers
Other Employment Resources
Accessible Congregations

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Products and Services

Mobility Products - links to product manufacturers
Wheelchairs and Scooters -power and manual, children and adults, special purpose, parts, add-ons, etc.
Accommodating Wheelchairs - ramps, lifts, vehicle tie-downs, door openers, etc.
Pre-owned Equipment/Recycled Equipment/Equipment Exchanges
Aids for Activities of Daily Living - dressing, transfers, working, driving, exercising, etc.
Wheelchair Seats and Cushions - tilt& recline, trunk supports, head rests, pressure mapping, etc.
Other Assistive Technology - computer access, AAC, Environmental Controls, Furniture
Other Product Resources
Archive of Team Rehab Reports - 10 years of issues archived in .PDF format
Manual Wheelchair users Training Guide
A Guide to Wheelchair Selection
History of Wheelchairs
A review of 5 Books on Wheelchair Selection
Resources for Consumers
Getting Started with using a wheelchair.
New User
The Evaluation Process: What to expect!
The Team: The consumer as the focus
The Team: who does what?
Selecting a Wheelchair
Becoming a more educated consumer
Choosing a Managed Care Organization if you use a wheelchair
Maintaining a wheelchair
Funding for wheelchairs and seating
A Glossary of wheelchair-related words
Funding for Wheelchairs
Warranties and Lemon Laws
Protection and Advocacy
Resources for Clinicians
WheelchairNet's Seating and Mobility Resources for Clinicians
Wheelchair University
Continuing Education at Wheelchair University
Employment Resources
Resources for Case Managers
Getting Started
Continuing Education
Resources for Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers
Credentialing Organizations
Health and Disability Information Resources
Continuing Education
Wheelchair University
Resources for Insurers and Payers
Wheelchair and Seating School
Diagnosis and Disability Information Resources
Credentialed Providers and Suppliers
Warranties and Consumer Laws
Voluntary Industry Standards
What are "standards" and why are they important?
Standards Directory
ANSI-RESNA Wheelchair Standards
ANSI-RESNA Seating Standards
ANSI/RESNA/SAE Transportation Safety Standards
International Standards Organization (ISO)
Standards Application Guidelines

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Wheelchair University

Research and Development on Wheelchair Technology
Participating in Research Projects
Human Subjects - what a research participant should know.
Being a Research Participant - includes current research projects.
Bibliographic References Database - searchable on topics of seating, wheeled mobility, etc.
Searching on the National Library of Medicine

Application and Use of Wheelchair Technology - a PowerPoint slide lecture with notes
Research Summaries - a PowerPoint slide lecture with notes
Academic Programs in Rehabilitation Technology
Continuing Education on Wheelchair Technology

Service and Application
Wheelchair Standards Development
Technology Transfer (Wheelchairs)
International Developments
Related WWW Sites
The Stakeholder's Forum

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