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Frequently Asked Questions about WheelchairNet, the Community

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelchairs... and the people who use them

Help for using the World Wide Web

Volunteering for Community Service

As with any community, there is always a need for volunteers who are willing to donate their time to make the community a better place for everyone. In WheelchairNet you can do this without even having to leave your computer and it should not take very much of your precious time (unless you get hooked!).

The following are activities you can help with:

  1. Visit several discussion groups you are interested in several times a week and help keep the discussion lively and interesting and contributing your comments or answering questions
  2. Critically review areas of the WheelchairNet community and identify problems and recommend specific improvements.
  3. Identify new web sites that should be linked to WheelchairNet
  4. Contribute an article or slide presentation on a topic related to wheelchairs
  5. Suggest other activities in which volunteers can provide community service towards the building of the WheelchairNet community.

If you wish to join our volunteer support team, please send an email to us and we will send you information about how to sign up for the Community Service Program.

How to be a resident of WheelchairNet

  • You can let us know you are here. Give us some contact information and we will let know when new things happen in our community. We won't use your information in any unauthorized way.
  • You can also send any of the "town planners" an email message and let us know what you are interested in doing.

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Town Planning and Development

Who are your town planners?

  • Director of Community Resources-Please contact: Joseph Ruffing
  • Director of Web Development and Computer Services- Joseph Ruffing
  • Chief Town Planner- Dr. Rory Cooper

Development Plans

How to become a "resident" of WheelchairNet

Simply Let us know what you are interested in and we will do the rest.

Last Updated: 3-2-2006

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