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The WWW-based lecture series is designed to a provide practical learning experience on some aspect of wheelchair technology or practice for rehabilitation-related students, non-expert practitioners and wheelchair users around the world who are new to the field of seating and wheeled mobility. Other lectures that are summaries of Research projects on Wheeled Mobility Technology are also available at Wheelchair University.

Please note, the slide lectures areavailable as Acrobat PDF HTML files. Acrobat Reader is necessary for viewing the PDF. We recommend that you use Acrobat Reader version. 5.0 or higher, as it is the 5.0 version that makes PDF files readable by the JAWS screenreader. PDF files are in the 5.0 version unless otherwise designated. If you need to down load it for your computer it is available free. If this technology is new to you or creates a problem because you rely on on a screen reader please consult the resource in WheelchairNet's Town Hall called "What is a PDF file anyway?"

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The Lecture Series on Application and Use of Wheelchair Technology

Wheeled Mobility

  • Use of the IndependenceTM 3000 IBOTTM Transporter at Home and in the Community. HTML - Annmarie Dobson, Rory Cooper, Michael Boninger & Rosemarie Cooper.
  • The Anatomy of a Powered Wheelchair. (128 K PDF) or HTML- Douglas Hobson
  • The Anatomy of a Wheelchair. 2001. (324 K PDF) or HTML - D Michael McKeough, PT, EdD, Shenandoah University
  • Development and Application of Wheelchair Standards. (212 K PDF) or HTML- Douglas Hobson
  • Summary of Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint Standard. (412 K PDF) or HTML- Douglas Hobson
  • Summary of Transport Wheelchair Standards. ( 164 K PDF) or HTML-Douglas Hobson

Evaluation of Wheelchair Mobility and Seating

  • Evaluation of Sensors for a Smart Wheelchair. HTML -Edmund LoPresti, Richard Simpson, David Miller & Illah Nourbakhsh.
  • Eight lectures on wheelchair seating, mobility and service delivery issues - Mark Schmeler & Mary Ellen Buning
    • Seating Biomechanics - (53 K PDF)
    • Wheelchair Cushions - (80 K PDF)
    • Pressure Mapping - (168 K PDF)
    • Wheelchair Seat Backs - (576 K 4.0 PDF)
    • Wheelchair Biomechanics - (704 K PDF)
    • Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers & Clinicians - (96 K PDF)
    • Wheelchair Service Delivery - (192 K PDF)
    • Justification of Need & Documentation - (448 K PDF)

Funding Wheelchairs

  • Understanding HCFAs Perspective on Rehabilitation Technology. 2001. ( 128 K PDF) - Rory A. Cooper, PhD

Seating Biomechanics

  • Principles of Pressure Sore Prevention and Management (276 K PDF) or HTML- Douglas Hobson.
  • Support Surface Technologies ( 367K PDF) - David Brienza and Mary Jo Geyer


  • Towards a Standard for the Definition and Measurement of Wheelchair-Seated Posture. 2001. Douglas Hobson, Ph.D & Barbara Crane, RPT. HTML
  • Wheelchair Transport Safety Development of Improved Options, Nordic Seating Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden. 2001. Douglas Hobson, Ph.D. HTML

Wheelchair Transportation Safety

  • Application of Biomechanics to Wheelchair Transportation Safety: What can be done today? (620 K PDF) or HTML- Douglas Hobson.
  • Principles I - Biomechanics of Injury Causation from Vehicle Impacts (80 K PDF) or HTML- Gina Bertocci & Douglas Hobson.
  • Principles II - Crash Injury Prevention for Wheelchair Users-(144 K PDF) or HTML - Douglas Hobson and Gina Bertocci
  • Voluntary Industry Wheelchair Transportation Standards - Douglas Hobson.
    • W/C Tiedown and Occupant Restraint Systems -(412 K PDF) WTORS Summary
    • W/Cs for Use in Motor Vehicles - (164 K PDF) Summary

Additional Wheelchair and Seating Lectures

How to Prepare and Submit a Slide Lecture for Wheelchair University

  • Download the PDF (8K) or view it as a HTML file "How to Prepare a Lecture for Wheelchair University" that includes all the practical information about how to submit a slide lecture for dissemination to the wheelchair community via Wheelchair University.
  • Download the(32K) Wheelchair University PowerPoint Template for your slide lecture.
  • To get more idea about the value of a PowerPoint presentation, we suggest that you download a slide lecture (96K) entitled "Developing a Lecture for the Web " presented by Dr. Carol Washburn, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh.

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