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The WWW-based research slide lecture series is designed to facilitate the dissemination of leading wheelchair-related research findings to clinicians, wheelchair users, assistive technology suppliers, researchers and third party funders. The primary intent is to provide ready access to current research findings for those that normally would not have access to traditional journal sources or be particularly interested in the scientific details of the study. Other lectures on the Application and Use of Wheeled Mobility Technology are also available at Wheelchair University.

Please note, many of the slide lectures are formatted as Acrobat PDF or HTML files. Acrobat Reader is necessary for viewing the PDF documents. We recommend that you use Acrobat Reader version. 5.0 or higher, as it is the 5.0 version that makes PDF files readable by the JAWS screenreader. PDF files are in the 5.0 version unless otherwise designated. If you need to down load it for your computer it is available free. If this technology is new to you or creates a problem because you rely on a screen reader please consult the resource in WheelchairNet's Town Hall called "What is a PDF file anyway?"

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The Research Summary Series

Wheelchair Technology

  • Effectiveness of rear suspension in reducing shock exposure to manual wheelchair users during curb descents. 2002. Andrew M. Kwarciak, Rory A. Cooper & Erik J. Wolf. HTML
  • Comparison of Virtual Electric Powered Wheelchair Driving Using a Position Sensing Joystick and an Isometric Joystick. 2002. E.Chaves, R.Cooper, D. Spaeth, M. Boninger, S. Fitzgerald & S. Guo. HTML
  • A Video-based Analysis of Tips and Falls During Electric Powered Wheelchair Driving. 2001. T.A.Corfman, R..A.Cooper, M.J.Dvorznak, M.L.Boninger, W.A.Ammer, M.S.heesley, R.Cooper, T.Thorman. HTML
  • Techniques of Data Collection From Two SmartWheels. 2001. Songfeng Guo, Rory Cooper, Michael Boninger, Jeff Collins, Alicia Koontz. HTML
  • Comparison of Pushrim Kinetics Between Four Different Manual Wheelchair Pushrim Conditions. 2001. Aaron Souza, Michael Boninger, Alicia Koontz, Brian Fay, Rory Cooper. HTML
  • Using Stability and Fatigue Strength Testing When Choosing a Manual Wheelchair. 2001. Andrew Rentschler, Rory Cooper, Michael Boninger, Shirley Fitzgerald. HTML
  • Modification of a Hybrid III Test Dummy for Use in Wheelchair Studies. 2001. Michael Dvorznak, Rory Cooper, Thomas Corfman. HTML
  • Scapula Orientation in a Virtual Wheelchair Push. 2001. Alicia M. Koontz, Michael Boninger, Rory A. Cooper, Brian Fay, Jim Dietzer. HTML.
  • Predicting Scapula Orientation in Wheelchair Propulsion. 2001. Alicia M. Koontz, Rory A. Cooper, Michael Boninger, Brian Fay, Aaron Souza. HTML.
  • Static, Impact, and Fatigue Testing of Five Different Types of Electric Powered Wheelchairs. 2001. JM Vitek, RA Cooper, AJ Rentschler, D Algood, WA Ammer, EJ Wolf. HTML.
  • Comparison of Laboratory and Actual Fatugue Life for Three Types of Manual Wheelchairs. 2001. Shirley G Fitzgerald, Lisa Marie Yoest, Rory A Cooper, Fred Downs. HTML.
  • Design of an Oblique Angled Suspension Fork for Wheelchairs. 2001. Cory Blauch, Rory Cooper, W. Ammer, M. McCartney, Erik Wolf. HTML
  • Power and Control System Testing of Five Different Types of Power Wheelchairs. 2001. David Algood, Rory Cooper, AJ Rentschler, Megan Vitek, WA Ammer, Erik Wolf. HTML
  • Quantification of Forces Associated With Episodic Full Body Extensor Spasticity in Children. 2001. Dalthea Brown, Andrew Zeltwanger, Gina Bertocci, Ray Burdett, Elaine Trefler, Shirley Fitzgerald. HTML
  • Integration of Electronic External Devices for Powered Mobility Systems. 2001. Barry Romich, Katya Hill, Edmund LoPresti, Rich Simpson, Donald Spaeth. (68 K PDF) or HTML
  • A Survey to Support the Development of an Interface Device for Integrated Control of Powered Wheelchairs, Computers, and Other Devices. 2001. Katya Hill, Barry Romich, Edmund LoPresti, Donald Spaeth, Jennifer Thiel, Rick Creech, Douglas Hobson. (32 K PDF) or HTML
  • Analysis of Whole-Body Vibrations on Manual Wheelchairs Using a Hybrid III Test Dummy. 2001. Erik Wolf, Rory Cooper, Carmen DiGiovine, Marissa Ammer. HTML
  • Physiologic Comparison of Yamaha JWII Power Assisted and Traditional Manual Wheelchair Propulsion. 2000. Julianna Arva, Shirley G. Fitzgerald, Rory A. Cooper, Thomas A. Corfman, Donald A. Spaeth, & Michael L. Boninger, MD. (992 K PDF)
  • User Power Reduction in Yamaha JWII Pushrim Activated Power Assisted Wheelchair. 2000. Julianna Arva, Rory A. Cooper, Donald A. Spaeth, Thomas A. Corfman, Shirley G. Fitzgerald, & Michael L. Boninger. (1.3 MB PDF)
  • An Evaluation of an Obstacle Avoidance Force Feedback Joystick. 2000. James L. Protho, Edmund F. LoPresti & David M. Brienza. (736 K PDF)
  • Are Commercial Seat Cushions Efficacious in Preventing Pressure Ulcers? 2000. Mary Jo Geyer, David M. Brienza, Patricia Karg, Sheryl Kelsey& Elaine Trefler. (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Reliability of the in vivo Test Protocol for Measuring Biomechanical Properties of Buttock Soft Tissue. 2000. Jue Wang, David M. Brienza, Gina Bertocci, Vikram Chib, Patricia Karg, Ying-wei Yuan, Ph.D. (1.5 MB PDF)

Wheelchair Transportation Safety

  • Wheelchair Tiedown Loads and Occupant Restraint Loads Associated with Various Occupant Sizes in Frontal Impact Testing. 2002. DongRan Ha & Gina Bertocci. HTML
  • Evaluation of Wheelchair Sling Seat and Sling Back Crashworthiness. 2001. DongRan Ha, G. Bertocci. HTML
  • Development of a Static Test Method To Evaluate Crashworthiness of Wheelchair Seating Systems Used as Motor Vehicle Seats. 2001. DongRan Ha, G. Bertocci. HTML
  • The Effect of a Wheelchair Integrated Occupant Restraint System on Wheelchair Tie-down and Occupant Restraint Design Characteristics. 2001. Linda van Roosmalen, et al. HTML
  • Usability and Satisfaction of Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems Used During Motor Vehicle Transport . 2001.Linda van Roosmalen, et al. HTML
  • Computer Simulation Validation of a Wheelchair Mounted Occupant Restraint System Under Frontal Impact. 2001. Linda van Roosmalen, et al. HTML
  • Design Criteria For Manual Wheelchairs Used As Motor Vehicle Seats Using Computer Simulation. 2001. Alex Leary, BS, Gina Bertocci, PhD. HTML
  • Injury Risk Analysis of a Wheelchair User in a Frontal Impact Motor Vehicle Crash. 2001. Alex Leary, BS, Gina Bertocci. HTML
  • Evaluation of the Crashworthiness of Wheelchair Seating Systems . 2000.Linda van Roosmalen, et al. (114 KB PDF)
  • Evaluation of the Seat Belt Anchorage Strength of a Prototype Wheelchair Integrated Occupant Restraint System. 2000. Linda van Roosmalen & Gina Bertocci. ( 3.1 MB 4.0 PDF)
  • Evaluation of Wheelchair Seating System Crashworthiness -Wheelchair Back Surfaces and Attachment Hardware. 2000. DongRan Ha, Gina Bertocci & E. Deemer. (1 MB PDF)

Other Wheelchair Research

  • The Importance of Comfort to Wheelchair Users: A Preliminary Study. 2002. Barbara Crane. HTML
  • Evaluating the Comprehensive/Effectiveness of Seating and Wheelchair Prescription: A Validity Test of a Clinical Rationale Measure. 2002. Laura Cohen. HTML
  • Development of an Outcome Measure Tool for Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Interventions: A Work in Progress. 2001. Tamara Mills, Margo Holm, Elaine Trefler, Mark Schmeler, Shirley Fitzgerald, Michael Boninger. (67.5 KB PDF) HTML
  • Teaching Seating and Wheeled Mobility Prescription: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Four Instructional Methods. 2001. Laura Cohen, Shirley Fitzgerald, Elaine Trefler, Michael Boninger. HTML
  • Efficacy of Service Dogs as a Viable Form of Assistive Technology. 2001. Karen Frost, Shirley Fitzgerald, Diane Collins, Natalie Sac-Erricsson. HTML
  • Accessibility of Rehabilitation Web Pages Using Jaws and Bobby. 2001. Sailesh Panchang, B Com, Shirley Fitzgerald, Rory Cooper, Ellen Cohn, Michael Boninger. (43.5 KB PDF) HTML
  • Functional Outcomes of Wheelchair Seating and Positioning in the Elderly Nursing Home Population. 2000. Thomas M. Bursick, Elaine Trefler, Douglas A. Hobson, Shirley Fitzgerald. (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Effects of the Transition from Manual to Powered Mobility on Occupational Performance. 1999. Mary Ellen Buning & Mark Schmeler. (115 K PDF )
  • Toward the development of consumer-based criteria for the evaluation of assistive devices . 1990. Batavia, A. I. & Hammer, G. S. (18 K PDF)

How to Prepare a Research Slide Lecture for Wheelchair University

  • Download the (8K) PDF or view it as a HTML file "How to Prepare a Research Summary for Wheelchair University" that includes all the practical information about how to submit a summary of a peer-reviewed journal article for dissemination to the wheelchair community through Wheelchair University.
  • Download the (36K) Wheelchair University PowerPoint Template for your Research Summary slide lecture.
  • To get more idea about the value of a PowerPoint presentation, we suggest that you download a slide lecture (96K) entitled "Developing a Lecture for the Web " presented by Dr. Carol Washburn, Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh.

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