Consumers: People who buy and use wheelchairs

Some people who visit this page are new at using a wheelchair.

As a person who is new at using a wheelchair or as a family member of a person who is new to using a wheelchair, you probably have many questions. In fact you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and the kinds of decisions you are now faced with. (As WheelchairNet develops we plan to include some software resources that will help with this decision-making process.)

Experience is a good teacher for sure, but experience can come at a high price. Here are a few ways you can learn from the experiences of others.

First, we offer some of our clinical and research expertise about wheelchairs. This is to provide background information. which might answer some of your basic questions. We think some of these first questions might be:

If you think we missed a topic, let us know.

Next, we can link you to the experiences of others through a threaded e-mail discussion. This link will take you to the New Wheelchair User Discussion. Here you can ask your own questions and get them answered directly by others who use wheelchairs. Follow this link to take a look at the discussion group.

Also if you are new to the Internet, you might want to check out our page entitled "Tips to make it easier to use WheelchairNet."

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Other people have a lot of experience using a wheelchair.

Of those people, some will have a little experience... and others will have a lot!

As a person who uses a wheelchair every day you know what the issues are. You have learned many things on your own! You have learned a lot of "tricks" for getting through each day and for doing the things that are important to you!

One of the things WheelchairNet can offer you is information resources. Hopefully you have looked in the "Community Living" section of WheelchairNet and found some of resources or connections that can help you do even more new things. If you are feeling a little lost in WheelchairNet take advantage of our site map.

Another thing that WheelchairNet can offer you is the opportunity to contribute your ideas and solutions to others. Take a look at the Discussion Groups on WheelchairNet and see if a topic interests you. You may want to ask a question or you may want to share some experience of your own. Join a threaded e-mail discussion or send us an e-mail message with your thoughts.

Some things you learned by yourself. Other things you learned from other wheelchair users or wheelchair professionals. We know that learning never stops.

There might be some things you'd still like to know...

Discussion Groups

Of course, WheelchairNet is a "work in progress." It will be constantly developing but it can only grow to meet your needs if you let us know what you need. There are a number of discussions in process on WheelchairNet where you can contribute your ideas or experience to others.

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