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The following links are to commercial product resources. Don't forget to use the non-commercial information in the Assistive Technology Evaluation or Information Resources found within "Community Living" .

These links to products and manufacturers are intended to assist the public in learning more about products that can be useful to persons who use or work with wheelchairs. They are not referrals or endorsements. The product information presented on this page is not intended as medical advice. For the best results, contact an assistive technology professional for an assessment and recommendations for devices best suited to you.

  • Assistive Technology Products

Assistive Technology Products:

Alternative and Augmentative Communication Devices

Computer Access - General Resources

Computer Access - Physical Disability

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Computer Access - Visual Impairment

  • AbilityHub - a company that sells a broad range of AT products for adaptive computer access.
  • ALVA Access Group, Inc. - screen reading and enlargement software.
  • American Thermoform Corporation- Braille embossers, translation software, thermoform machines, etc.
  • Artic - access technologies for blindness & low vision.
  • Bartimaeus Group - computer access technology resellers.
  • Baum - reading machines, Braille displays, and software.
  • ScanSoft - supplier of speech and imaging solution.
  • Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind - a source for a wide range of AT products.
  • Dancing Dots - Braille music translator.
  • Duxbury - software for Braille in DOS, Windows, Mac OS and Unix.
  • Enabling Technologies - Braille Embossers.
  • Freedom Scientific - the company created by the merger of Henter-Joyce, Arkenstone and Blazie Engineering.
    • Arkenstone Reader - OCR converts and "reads" pages of print.
    • Blazie Engineering - note takers and other computer access technologies.
    • Henter-Joyce - JAWS and other AT products for Blindness and VI.
  • GW Micro - VocalEyes, WindowEyes and synthesizers for text to speech and Windows navigation.
  • Pulse Data International - Braille, speech and magnification solutions.
  • Independent Living Aids - daily living aids for persons with visual impairment & blindness.
  • IBM Special Needs - HomePage Reader, Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier.
  • Keyalt - voice dictation software, telephone headsets, fluorescent lighting filters, magnification systems and Braille.
  • Kurzweil - the Kurzweil 1000 uses OCR to convert and "read" pages of print
  • MagniSight - portable, color and black and white Closed Circuit TVs (CCTV).
  • MaxiAids - offers products to help the blind and visually impaired.
  • Multimedia Designs, Inc. - products include voice operated computer and environmental control unit, HeadMouse and SofType Hands free mouse and on-screen keyboard, Computer Rebooter.     
  • Optelec - ClearView CCTVs and other magnifiers.
  • Pulse Data International - products for BrailleNote and VoiceNote users.
  • Solutions for Humans - products for the blind and those with low vision.
  • Telesensory Inc. - CCTVs, stand alone and computer based OCR, and computer screen magnifiers.
  • WebText Reader -web-based software for individuals who are visually impaired.
  • ZoomText - screen enlarging software.

Computer Access - Learning Disability

  • AlphaSmart - a cordless, lightweight text writer equipped with Co:Writer (word prediction) to support writing.
  • AbilityHub - a company that sells a broad range of AT products for adaptive computer access.
  • AlphaSmart, Inc. - portable ASCII word processor.
  • Aurora Systems - software for learning disability and dyslexia.
  • ScanSoft - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software such as OmniPage.
  • CalcuScribe - a laptop word processor + an interactive calculator.
  • Don Johnston - Co:Writer, Write:OutLoud, products for struggling students for Win and Mac.
  • Franklin Electronic Publishers - the Speaking Language Master and other tools for spelling.
  • Hearit - amplifes the frequencies in the voice/speech range to improve speech discrimination.
  • IQ Voice Organizer - use it to remember tasks.
  • Pulse Data International - specializes in AT for persons who have difficulties reading print due to learning and/or reading disabilities.
  • Infogrip, Inc. - adaptive computer access products and more.
  • Inspiration Software - software for visual organization of ideas.
  • Kurzweil - the Kurzweil 3000 uses OCR to support writing, convert and "read" pages of print.
  • LD Resources - Richard Wanderman's collected resources & software.
  • SofDesign - programs to help persons with dyslexia.
  • textHELP - for literacy, language and learning. Included ScreenReader, a user friendly utility which reads the text in any Windows-based application.
  • WYNN - what you need now - software to support reading and writing.

Simple AT and Computer Access Devices - Special Education

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Hearing Impairment

Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) or Environmental Control Units (ECUs)

  • Able Phone - adaptive telephones
  • AbleNet - appliance interfaces and simple controls for TV and VCR
  • Clarity - adaptive telephones.
  • Automated Voice Systems - Butler-in-a-box and other products.
  • Designer Appliance Inc. - Quill Mouse that allows users to point without having to grip.
  • Enabling Devices - simple devices.
  • G G Electronics - a company in Israel that manufacture a voice activated telephone dialer.
  • Greatest of Ease Co. - Personal pagers to signal a caregiver up to 100 feet away.
  • Imperium 200H - switch and voice activated, controls lights and appliances, television, telephone, electronic bed with built in telephone, infrared, X-10 technologies.
  • Keyalt - communication devices and voice recognition.
  • Madenta - Nemo voice-controlled system.
  • MaxiAids - products for independent living products, adaptive technology, asisstive products.
  • Multimedia Designs, Inc. - products include voice operated computer and environmental control unit.     
  • newAbilities - the tongue touch keypad for control of computer, wheelchair and EADL.
  • Open Sesame - remote controlled door opening system.
  • Panasonic - products to bring independence to people with disabilities.
  • Quartet Technology Incorporated - simplicity voice and switch ECUs for full control of built-in telephone, bed, doors, thermostats, lights, TV, computer and more.
  • Sicare Pilot - a small, multilingual, voice activated controller for IR, X-10 and phone.
  • SITBACK - mobil phone - for distributors in the U.S.A click on "Bezugsquellen."
  • Stanley-Senior Technologies - keyless entry swing door automator, wandererguard locks, wanderer protection, and more.
  • SmartHome - home automation resource for X10, home security, video surveillance, audio video, phones, automatic controls, pet care, and more.
  • Tash Inc.- simple and advanced solutions, cordless transmitters
  • Voice Diary Ltd - a talking reminder.

Assistive Technology for Cognitive Disabilities

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Mounting Devices and other Performance Enablers

  • AbleNet - go to products, and click on Mounting and Accessories for universal switch mounting arm, slim armstrong, velcro ties, dual lock, handi-tak and other mounting technologies.
  • ActiveForever - independent living products for the disabled, injured or elderly.
  • AdaptaLap - a lightweight reading and writing support surface; holds your book (hard or soft cover) or magazine at the height, distance and angle most comfortable for you.
  • CJT Enterprises - designer and manufacturer of mounting devices.
  • DAESSY - wheelchair accessible desks and tables.
  • Ergoguys - Smart-Nav, headmouse, Ablenet switches, mice and trackball, bigkeys keyboards and other ergonomic products.
  • Extensions for Independence - modular mouthsticks, turn tables, motorized easels, file trays, telephone adapters, computer keylocks, etc.
  • GUS Mounts - wheelchair mounting solutions for AAC devices
  • iGoErgo - mounting arms for monitors and other ergonomic solutions.
  • Interactive Products Corporation - manufacturer of wheelchair mounts.
  • Kensington - keyboard drawers, trackballs, wrist pads, etc.
  • Keyalt - keyboards, mice, keyboard trays, adjustable furniture, etc.
  • MyDesc - flip top desks for scooters & wheelchairs, chairs and beds and mounts for AAC devices.
  • North Coast Medical - all kinds of daily living and low tech adaptations.
  • Office Organix - ergonomic products.
  • Solutions for Humans - accessibility products.
  • Stealth Products - switch and controller mounts
  • Zygo Industries - head pointers and mounting systems.

Furniture, Work Surfaces and Work Stations

  • AdaptaLap - a lightweight reading and writing support surface; holds your book (hard or soft cover) or magazine at the height, distance and angle most comfortable for you.
  • AD*AS - furniture solutions of universal design.
  • Anthro Technology Furniture - high quality customizable computer furniture.
  • DAESSY - wheelchair accessible desks and tables.
  • DBH Adaptive Technology - customized, fully adjustable, fully adaptive computer workstation.
  • Ergoguys - Kidstation computer funiture, adjustable notebook riser and other ergonomic products.
  • ErgoQuest - adaptive workstations.
  • Infinity Station - adjustable, powered ergonomic workstation for business, home and schools.
  • Kinderlink - children's library and school furniture from Educational Furniture Inc..
  • Lifeline Coordinating Systems - adjustable, accessible computer table.
  • Mayline Group - specialty office furniture.
  • Northport - adjustable work surface and workstation.
  • QuadDesk - an accessible workstation for persons with quadriplegia.
  • Solutions for Humans - ergonomic products.
  • Sunway, Inc. - ergonomic computer and funiture accessories.
  • Turntable Desks - a modular, height-adjustable workstation.
  • The EasyChair Workstation - manufacturer of a mount for LCD flatscreen and laptop workstations, and monitor jack for CRT workstations.

Single Switches and Controllers - for access to many types of AT devices

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Web Accessibility

  • Bobby - a website for testing the accessibility of any website.
  • Lynx Browser - download a text-only browser that works on Mac, Win 95/98/NT, VMS, OS2 or DOS 386.
  • Trace Center - designing a more usable world.
  • NCSA Mosaic Home Page
  • WC3 - the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Other Product Location Resources

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